Twitter Marketing for Crowdfunding

Twitter marketing for crowdfunding projects is a critical component for pre-funding activities and projects that are live on a crowdfunding platform. There is no better way on the web to connect with prospects to talk with them directly about your crowdfunding campaign. We use the latest tools to help us identify prospects using hashtags, keywords, and competitor’s followers to build effective relationships. This gives our growth hackers the edge they need to get Twitter working for you!

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

There are many benefits of using Twitter as a marketing tool for you crowdfunding project.

  • Building your brand with potential backers.
  • Building relationships with journalists, prospects, and your industry.
  • Monitoring what people are saying about your brand.
  • Driving prospects to sign up in advance for an early bird special.

Our Process

  • We speak with you in depth to discuss your requirements.
  • We then identify hashtags and prospects that meet your requirements.
  • We build Twitter lists to segment followers.
  • We run Twitter ads to market your brand to potential followers.
  • ​We connect with prospects by following them on Twitter.
  • We favorite their tweets, retweet their tweets.
  • We message and outreach your followers to drive them to your crowdfunding campaign.


We are completely open with our work and you will have full visibility. The process takes time and is an effective way in building your social presence. We provide weekly and monthly reports on our Twitter marketing work. This way you will always know what is going on with your campaign.